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Welcome to the new online home for the Slow-Pitch Softball Association (SSA). We started the SSA 11 years ago with a simple mission, to grow 16" softball by making it more player, family, fan and cost friendly.  We have done this by thinking out of the box and challenging the basic model of how a sports association should operate.  The SSA has spent hours talking to players and fans about the game, its problems and trying to find solutions.  The SSA has seen it's efforts pay-off in increased participation and positive feedback. 


As the SSA enters its 11th year we are poised to run our most innovative and ambitious program yet.  Some of the great things we are planning for this year include the following:


  •      Live Score Keeping.  The SSA will bring live streaming of scores and stats to all of the events we will be involved with this summer.  The stats will be viewable and will tie into our Chicago Summer Series and Furture Stars Series (more on these below).  The stats will also be used by the Chicago 16" Hall of Fame for use when determining who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  This is the first time that live score keeping has ever been attempted in 16" softball.

  •    Chicago Summer Series (CSS).  The SSA has gotten an agreement from the biggest and best tournaments in Chicago to join forces to create the Chicago Summer Series.  These events draw the best and most experience teams.  Teams will earn points based on where they finish in these events. At the end of the summer, there will be a CSS Champion named, as well as 1st and 2nd All Chicagp Summer Series teams, MVP, Batting, HR and RBI Champs. This promises to be exciting as teams jockey for the title of CSS Champion.

  •      Future Stars  Summer Series (FSSS).   The SSA will also be running the Future Stars Summer Series.  The FSSS will be run with the same format as the CSS.  The difference is that the FSSS concentrates on the younger, less experienced teams and the Class "A" teams.  This too promises to be exciting as the best young players fight for the title of FSSSS while continuing their growth as players.

  •     SSA Broadcasts.  The SSA has also launched its media are by creating SSA Broadcasts.  The SSA will be broadcasting the audio of games online and has launched its SSA Video Softball Magazine.  All of the SSA media content can be viewed at our You Tube channel, SSA Broadcasts.


 So, please surf our site as information on  all of the things we are doing can be found on this site by clicking the menu buttoms at the top of the page.

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